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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Prince on a White Horse

Book Review
Prince on a White Horse
Tanith Lee

“Oh, this is awful!” shouted the Prince to the horse. “I’m even more confused than before. All I’ve got is this stupid Egg-and-and-”- the Prince went pale again – “this feeling that I’ve got to get on your back, and ride over those mountains towards- something I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy. When I think I thought this might all be a holiday!”
The Prince is not at all sure where he is, who he is, and what he’s supposed to be doing. All he knows is that he is in a strange land where strange creatures, such as Bezzles, Buzzles, and Beezles roam around and horses talk (however much they deny it.)
I really enjoyed reading this fantastic tale for readers aged 11+ because it is an enjoyable read and a good laugh.

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