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Thursday, 29 October 2009

From the Skunk's Point of View

One thing that really annoys me about humans is that they go hypo if they even catch sight of us.
By ‘us’ I mean skunks. I really don’t see what they panic about. Yes, we’ll spray them if they threaten us, but if we didn't, they’d probably shoot us. We do warn them though by stamping our foot and hissing. But do they listen? Nope. They just find themselves sitting in tomato soup. Our names should warn them enough. Mine is Odour. I have two sisters, Foul and Stink, and three brother, Smell, Awful, and Rabies. Of course Rabies doesn’t really have rabies. See, it’s impossible to tell if an animal has rabies unless you kill them and study their brains. There are signs though. Wild animals may become friendly and approach human or they may become unusually aggressive. A rabid dog’s bark might sound different than normal or it move strangely in a slow, stiff walk. Sometimes they’ll become paralysed in the face and have a weird expression or a drooping jaw. A pet might gnaw on it’s own leg or attack objects, even unmoving ones. Most of all, they slobber. It’s quite strange. Racoons get it more than us though.
That’s why Mother tells me to stay away from racoons. I do have one racoon friend though. His name is Mischief and it suits him just fine. He’s forever stealing things from the humans while his bandit eyes glower impishly. He even goes through the cat door and eat all the dry foods. I can see why people call them bandits. We skunks, of course, are perfectly well behaved...mostly.

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