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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Duck Malevolence & Ghost Trains

Duck Malevolence

I've just come back from a bicycle ride around the park. But not just any bicycle ride...This bicycle ride included a life and death situation. It went like this...
I was just riding around, merry and content, thinking life couldn't get any better...when it did. A sweet little duckling was waddling around near the edge of the duckpond, quacking blissfully. I did what girls normally do when they see something cute. Gave a sigh of adoration and jumped off my bike to have a closer look.
But Mum's never far away. In fact, she was very, very close.
She gave a livid quack and gnashed her beak together. Then she bent over, stretched out her neck, and flapped towards me in a surprisingly fast manner.
I wasn't expecting that. I squeaked in horror and took a few steps back in panic. She just kept running towards me.
Scream you idiot! I told myself, Scream and run towards it!
I felt such a silly girl, being so terrified of a duck, but the sight of that duck was enough to scare a demon. I gave a half-hearted snarl and took a few steps towards it, my girly side protesting enormously.
The duck stopped, looked my over, and gave me a warning quack before leaving to swim around with it's duckling.
I'm so ashamed. I'm such a girl.

Ghost Trains

Last night Tesse and I slept in our camper van. I felt a little uneasy about it, just because the caravan is a little creepy and creaky...
I was lying...wide midnight when I heard an awful sound.
Imaginations can go a little wild at night...
Manic, mad cow?
Or....howling, shrieking, on-a-loose- GHOST TRAIN!
Or...or...manic, mad cow driving a howling, shrieking, on-a-loose GHOST TRAIN?? (Sorry, I have to do that in capitals or it loses it's terrifying emphasis)
Anyway, in the end, I decided that it was a phantom, spectre train being run by a barmy, hyper, possessed cow (called Rufus) with mad cow disease...Simple when you think about it.



Anonymous said...

If I had a cow i would call him Bob-Bluebell, depending if it was a cow or bull.
Or maybe Blanche and Bernard.
Oooooor maybe Agnes and Hapford. (Go ACE paces....!)

Jordan said...

Um...okay...thanks for the input Emily