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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tales from Shakespeare

Here is another one of my weekly newspaper reviews.

Tales from Shakespeare
By Charles and Mary Lamb

So many people think that Shakespeare is uninteresting and filled with thee’s and thou’s. But Shakespeare is not boring at all!
This paraphrased book is filled with adventure, excitement, murder and comedy.
Tales of Shakespeare has twenty different stories in it including the romantic ‘Romeo and Juliet’, that tells of the fight between two families; the frightening ‘Macbeth’, that tells of a terrifying witch; the comedic ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, that tells of the beautiful Bianca and her shrew-like sister Kate; the sad ‘Hamlet’, that tells of the brave Prince of Denmark; the mysterious ‘The Tempest’, that tells of a man and a young girl stranded on an island; and many more fantastic, famous Shakespeare stories that made history. Before you decide that Shakespeare is boring, read this book and it will surely change your mind.
A brilliant book for ages ten to adult.

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Emily (Katie's sister) said...

Jordan, you are a fantastic writer! Keep up that good work!