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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I haven't really written much news lately because...

1. I'm too lazy.

2. There's not much to tell.

It was back to school on Tuesday (blah!) and also back to my boring routine.

We did get a new car-

But apart from that there is nothing really to tell. I did want to include this poem though because I thought it was cute.

I bought a Maserati
and a new Mercedes-Benz,
plus a brand new Lamborghini
I could show off to my friends.
I purchased a Ferrari
and an Aston Martin too,
and a Porsche and a Jaguar
and a BMW.
I had them all delivered
to my mansion in the hills.
I like to sit and look at them,
imagining the thrills.
For though it's fun to be
the richest nine-year-old alive,
I'm sure I'll like it better
when I'm old enough to drive.



Katie, Rachel, Emily, Anna, Carrie, and Abby said...

I like the new car! Very nice!

Kylie said...

1.) who wrote the poem?
2.) grandparent visits are exciting and i would like to hear about that.
3.) i love you!

Jordan said...

1.)I didn't.
2.)I'll try next time.
3.)I love you too!

Anna said...

Nice car!

Jordan said...

Thanks, I reckon it's pretty nice. Oh, and Kylie, we won't have any room for you when you come home. It's bad enough with seven people.

Carrie said...

I like the car, Jordy! It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - my whole world has changed!!! Here I was in my own little bubble and out there in the great wide web, is a blog all about you!! Yay!! I am now your most avid reader. I shall hang on every word you write!!!
Now I know how to check up on you guys, I am a happy woman!! Much love to all you beautiful Haase types. Helen. xxxxxxx