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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Ahh Wednesdays...I like them :)

They're quite quiet...schoolwork in the mornings, a bit of cleaning, a bit more schoolwork...

Nice quiet days...

But sometimes you get little things, strange or good, thrown in...they make your days a little more interesting...

Like the middle-aged lady walking down the road very obviously picking her a long, thin, yellow stream get the picture -_-

And then there are the good times when you get invited to a ten-year-old's birthday party...and you eat just as much ice-cream as the little kids, or more... :D

Ah good times, good times... (I like ice-cream)

And then there are the amazing times...when you hide away in your messy room and eat flavoured bubblegum (which loses it's delicious strawberry flavour much to quickly) while reading Harry Potter, my favourite book as of late.

Yes, I like these times.

That was my Wednesday.

1 comment:

Izi said...

Wednesdays ..... yes, they are good!