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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Canowindra Weekend.

So last weekend I went to Canowindra for the Pledge Night. It was really great. I love watching the staff and the students pledge for a relationship with's really cool.

So that was fun, as was catching up with some people. That night we had an adventurous walk down to the river. This included climbing over and under barbwire fences, ducking enormous spider webs with huge spiders in them, and stumbling through ankle deep creeks.

I was, in fact, very proud of myself.

I deserved the pancake breakfast the next morning.

Yep :) Good weekend through and through :)


Izi said...

Hi Jordan,

Yeah, we were going to go to the pledge night, too, but, since we are moving soon, Mom didn't want to go getting all attatched to the students and then have to be even more sad about leaving. So we didn't go.

I ended up baby sitting Jonty, Samuel, Raffi and Nina instead. Of course, I got help though.

Hey, did you see collin? I heard that he was coming. Ros even talked to him on the phone while I was at her place!!!!!!!

Izi xoxo

Izi said...

Wow - I stacks love the new backgroud to your blog. I get all my backgrounds from "The cutest blog on the block," website. Do you get yours from there too. I haven't seen it there. Where did you get it from?