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Thursday, 15 July 2010


m Well, as my previous post said we would, we went to Bourke on Tuesday. We got back yesterday afternoon and I'm happy now to do a slight retelling.

Tuesday night we watched a movie with friends. The name escapes me but it was pretty okay, corny, yet funny.
The next day, after seeing the results of the previous day's rain, we decided to go 'mudding'. This included getting into our oldest clothes and throwing mud at each other. Mudballs, if you like. And not just each other, either. In fact, the Fort Bourke sign can no longer be seen because it is covered in our world-class 'mudballs'.
We did have a photo of us covered in mud, but my eyes are closed in it, so I'll not post it.
That night we had friends over again and made our own pizza. Delish. So good. I could sell it and made a mint.
Then we made an attempt at playing a game, but it failed, so we went for a walk instead. It was very dark and very cold and I was the only person who was not wearing shoes. So I made my way through the prickles and was unable to escape the wrath of the deadly mud puddles (meaning I stepped on lots of burrs and nearly fell into many piles of mud so that my feet were not only sore but wet and dirty when we arrived home).
Even so, it was good. We left the next day, so we weren't there very long. I still had a good time.

I love Bourke.

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