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Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Random Collection of Things Pushed Together to Make Up A Blog Post


I'm finally ready to write a long, informative blog. But, knowing my luck, I'll probably be called for dinner and then forget to finish it, and when I do, it'll be much shorter than I originally planned.


Time for a catch-up.

Emily and I have started doing horse-riding every Friday. I really love being with the horses and learning about them and understanding them. So it's been really, incredibly cool so far.

We've also been doing a little bit of Eisteddfod. I did News Reading, Sight Reading, Bible Reading, and Prose Reading.

Tomorrow Emily and I are doing a piano duet. That will be my last item. I'm fine now and will be until five minutes beforehand, that I'll panic. My legs will go shaky, and my hands cold. I think I'm allergic to stages, performing ect. Funny thing is that I'll be okay the minute I'm up there.

I just hate the panic beforehand. All the things that could go wrong rush through my head. Like before I did my Bible Reading, I recited 'The Anteater' (By Roald Dahl) in my head (I'm learning it for English) to calm myself down. Then I was just positive that I would accidentally start reciting it on stage instead of my reading.

I was okay once up there though.

Friday night was our Youth Group's Bush dance. It was actually pretty fun, a little cold, but good. It was maybe just a little awkward dancing with strangers though.

What else can I bore you with?


  • Kylie is home.

  • I went to church this morning and a friend's house this afternoon.

  • I'm going to a Belle Shakespeare production on Friday. The Twelfth Night. A funny play...if you can understand it...

  • Robin Hood is muy increíble! Como pulg .. ¡de verdad! I think I'm becoming an addict! I have to know what happens! Sólo tengo que hacerlo!

    I have to have dinner. Hold on.

All-right. I'm back. About two hours later...(Things just get in the way...eating Mumma's Soup, practicing Emily and I's up the kitchen...)

So, anything else to add to the bulleted list...

  • We're all slowly catching Winter colds in the house at the moment. Headaches, sore throats, sniffling....Stupid, horrible Winter!
  • I've brought a 20 cent photo-book and a 20 cent magazine in which I have cut out all the pictures from Lord of the Rings that I can. My wall is now LordoftheRingdecated (is this right...?) !
  • We totally killed those Blues in State of Origin!
  • Something from my 'school-life'...I'm doing a poetry unit in English. It's actually been really interesting...I've written my own haiku, diamante, cinquain, limericks, and more. In the next few weeks I'll make my own poetry booklet containing my own poems. Might post a couple of photos in the near future for the few lucky enough to spot my talent from so young an age (yes, that was sarcasm...).
  • Ummm, I think that that might be all I can think of. Did I mention Robin Hood...(WOW)

So this is definitely not the 100-page-long blog I envisioned, and it is not filled with humerous thoughts that make you LOL. (Thought I'd get in with the lingo...) (Did I just say that? So sad...I sound like my mother!)


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