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Friday, 28 May 2010

The Good Days

I've been going through our photo albums and found a couple of photos that I've scanned for my blog:

This was my fourth birthday party. Little white-haired child in front of Emily, I don't remember you. Who are you, and why are you at my birthday party?

The one thing I remember about this party was that we closed our eyes to pray before eating that caterpillar cake and when we opened our eyes, the candles had blown out.

When the older kids told me they were going to dress me up, I didn't know that tying a bear to my chest was involved. Oh well, I LOOK happy.

I guess I thought that I was pretty hilarious.

I love you, mummy...

I think Kylie had us dressed up and posing for this picture. Amazing that the centre of a sunflower can be so interesting.

I may actually have a faint memory from this day. All of the big kids were playing and splashing in our above ground pool. I wanted to go too, but no one would help me put my swimmers on so I had to do it myself. Why was there no one to help me?

I love you, Kylie. (5 days, people.)


Carrie said...

aw, I love it!

Lorraine said...

sweet, sweet memories

Koala said...

too cute!!!!
Still having trouble with your a swimmers though.
Love ya