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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dubbo Show

Saturday was Day 2 of the Dubbo Show.

I went with friends at about 5:00, entirely innocent of all bad experiences that come about at shows. I had obviously forgotten last year's show.

Anyhow, upon arriving, it was fun to look at all the rides, lighted up, calling to me, urging me to come, pay, ride, and throw up.

I first went on the rollar coaster. Not exactly a thrill ride, but scary enough to make my insides twist and turn. I didn't know that a picture would be taken on this course of horror and I felt a surge of indignity when I saw a terrible picture of myself flashing on a screen. My eyes were large and my head was back in a way that gave me at least two chins. One of the people I was with commented casually that I looked quite like my sister, whose name I will refrain from saying or I would otherwise be describing them as eye-bulging, double-chinned freaks.

Continuing on, another ride I went on was the Cha-Cha. It should have been called The Extreme Game of Corners as everyone riding with someone more than themselves found themselves being pushed onto the person next to them in an almost awkward way.

I also went on the Dodgem Cars. If I remember correctly, a humorous accident occurred at last year's show in which I, in a crazy, out-there mood, knocked over one of the helpers onto his backside while he had only been trying to help me steer myself out of a traffic jam. He fell into one of the spare cars and stared after me with a bewildered expression that I remember with guilt to this day.

I would not let any such thing happen again. This time I only grinned evilly, gritted my teeth, and knocked into any car that held small children. These, of course, could not take any course of revenge so it was all right. I was quite safe. No such promises for them.

I admit I didn't eat anything that could actually be called 'dinner' that night. I did help eat two, expensive bags of fairy floss though, a few very salty chips, and a few sips of the bubbling Creaming Soda.

I was scared of throwing up.

And I was very careful and choosy about what ride I went on. Some were very menacing such as the No Limits, the Mega Drop, and The Zipper (which looked a lot more dangerous that last year's Zipper.)

The two other rides that I went on was something of which I do not recall the name (although I do recall the sickening feeling in my stomach right before it started), and the other was the Music Trip.

Not a thriller like No Limits, but still scream-worthy.
I didn't get back till 11:00. Worn out, my head spinning, no doubt looking like I had an immense fairy floss hangover.

And I didn't knock anybody over...(!)

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