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Friday, 11 September 2009


This is just a poem I wrote for a narration in school yesterday. It's about Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20.

Hezekiah was very ill,
He’d never felt so low,
So when Isaiah said ‘you’re going to die.’
It was an awful blow.

Isaiah looked pityingly at him,
In his saddened state,
He said ‘I have to go now Hez’,’
And off he went, sedate.

Hezekiah wept with grief,
His eyes full of dismay,
Then a thought occurred to him,
And he began to pray.

‘I’ve always served you well oh God,
I say this with hopeful breath,
Can you possibly spare me, my Lord,
From this awful death?’

Isaiah, the prophet of the Amighty one,
Was feeling his very worst,
When God came to him with a new message,
Quite different from the first.

‘Go back in the direction you came from,
Give him this message, Isaiah,
“You shall be healed, because you serve me,”
And that one’s not so dire.’

Isaiah rushed back to the king’s bedside,
He said, his heart lifted high,
‘God’s message is “You shall be healed,”
Hezekiah, you’re not going to die!’

Hezekiah sobbed again,
This time with joy revealed,
Isaiah put a poultice of figs on his boil,
And before very long he was healed.

God in Heaven had heard the prayer,
He’d seen the tearful face,
It had moved his heart to see such pain,
And God, he has much grace.

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